Insurance Plans

For a low annual fee you can protect your home from unexpected breakdowns. Plans cover most parts and labour costs and include your annual service or maintenance of your appliance(s).  

Stay Comfortable

In our ever changing Canadian climate, having a working Air Conditioner in your home will not only keep you comfortable during the sweltering heat of the summer, but may also provide necessary health benefits, and added value to your home. 

Protect your Families Health

The secret to a healthy home and improving indoor air quality, as well as reducing heating costs and prolonging the life of your furnace (or air conditioner) is regular maintenance and service.

Finance Options

Let JD Heating & Cooling help you bridge the gap and get you the heating or cooling appliances you want or need. Start saving money now on more efficient appliances or cheaper fuels!  With FinanceIT you can get approved in just minutes.  


Our staff can walk you through the process and discuss the appliance and financing options that work for you and your needs.   Apply now online with the link below.

Apply Now, and Save!

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